Laboratory Overview. Our Warmest Welcome.

Alpha Laboratories has been providing medical laboratory services to the health care sector in Ontario since its inception in 1972.

Our team of dedicated staff, directors, pathologists and medical and scientific consultants provide expertise in all disciplines for which the laboratory is licensed and ensure the provision of the highest quality services to patients and the medical community.

Our medical division provides multi-disciplinary diagnostic laboratory services using state of the art technology under the expert supervision of Medical Directors, Pathologists and technical consultants. Alpha’s success is due to the commitment and dedication of all its’ staff.

We incorporate quality into our organization through active participation of management, laboratory personnel and medical directors/consultants from all sections in establishing and maintaining a quality culture. We take a leadership role in developing policies for each of the quality system essentials, ensuring that adequate resources and processes are in place for effective implementation.

Effectiveness of our quality system is monitored through internal audits and annual review.

About Alpha Healthcare. Excellence in Medical Diagnostic Services.

Alpha Healthcare Inc., our Canadian privately-owned parent company, was founded in 1971 with a focus on making the lives of healthcare professionals easier by providing them with a patient focused source for quality healthcare services. We started as a small Ontario-based laboratory, and, over several decades, we quickly grew into one of Canada’s leading healthcare services companies with more than 250 employees and a broad range of high quality, integrated patient centred service offerings.

Since its inception, Alpha Laboratories has delivered high quality health service to health care professionals and patients. Now more than 40th year, we have not wavered from our patient focused mission – from our origins in medical laboratories and pharmaceutical product testing; to our current evolution into a diverse group of companies that now encompasses Medical Art Centres, Medical Clinics, Diagnostic Imaging testing and Integrated Information Software Solutions. We are committed to placing patient health first and delivering the highest standards in quality patient care.