All Ultrasound exams & BMD require an appointment
X-ray are walk-in

Booking an appointment

Ultrasound and Bone Mineral Density exams generally require an appointment. (Occasionally, subject to availability, bone mineral density and some ultrasound exams may be accommodated on a walk-in basis, however availability on a walk in basis cannot be guaranteed.
Please call (416) 510-9977 (Don Mills) or (416) 321-2670 (Lawrence) in advance to confirm availability).

X-ray exams do not require an appointment as patients are seen on a first come first served basis.
Note: You may book an appointment for your exam in person or by phone (416) 510-9977

You must have a referral form (requisition) signed by your doctor for the exam. Please bring this requisition with you to your appointment.

To avoid any misunderstanding please let our staff know which exams have been requested by your doctor when calling for an appointment.

You will be asked to present your Health Card at each visit, so please bring it with you.

Wait times and exam times may vary.

Please telephone within 24-48 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

If you arrive late for your appointment, or if you are not fully prepared, your examination may have to be delayed or rescheduled. Please follow preparation instructions accordingly as if you are not fully prepared, your examination may have to be delayed or rescheduled.

Preparing for your exam

Preparation depends on the type of exam requested by your physician. Listed below are the exam preparations.

WARNING: Please remove all body piercing prior to appointment

WARNING: If you are taking a prescribed medication, please take it with some water.

Abdominal Ultrasound

30-40 minutes
Kidneys, Gall bladder, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas

AM exam: Avoid fatty dinner. Nothing to eat or drink from midnight the night before (8 hours fasting). Small quantities of clear fluids are permitted. Any medication should be taken as required.
PM exam: For breakfast you may drink, black tea or coffee (NO MILK OR SUGAR) up to 9 am. Fasting the rest of the day.

Pelvic or Obstetrical Ultrasound

30-40 minutes

Finish drinking 4 cups or 1 L (2bottles) of water one hour prior to the exam. DO NOT EMPTY BLADDER.
Note: If you are booking a “transvaginal” examination, please let us know when booking appointment.

Abdominal & Pelvic Combined/ Urinary Tract Ultrasound

30-40 minutes

Avoid fatty dinner. Nothing to eat for 8 hours before the exam. Small quantities of clear fluid are permitted.
Finish drinking 4 cups or 1 L (2bottles) of water one hour prior to the exam. DO NOT EMPTY BLADDER.

Ultrasound of Scrotum, Thyroid, Breast & Musculskeletal

30-60 minutes

No special preparation.

Bone Mineral Density

15-20 minutes

Calcium, Vitamin D and Multi Vitamins must be stopped 48 hours prior to appointment. No Barium or IV Contrast studies with in 10 days.

Breast Ultrasound

30-45 minutes

No special preparation.

General guidelines for the day of your exam.

Please follow preparation instructions accordingly. If you are not fully prepared, your examination may have to be be delayed or rescheduled. If you have any special needs such as physical limitations, please call ahead to advise our staff.

Notify our technologist prior to the exam if you are or may be pregnant

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled exam unless otherwise notified. This will allow time for registration and completion of any required paperwork. If you are late for your appointment you may be required to wait, or your exam may have to be rescheduled.

Bring the completed requisition signed by your doctor with you on the day of your exam.

Bring your health insurance card with you as you will be asked to present it at the time of your exam.

If you have any prior X-rays or scans with you that may be pertinent to the requested exam please bring them with you as these may be helpful to the radiologists.

Take all prescribed medications as directed by your physician.

Wear loose, comfortable, metal/plastic free, clothing. Avoid wearing jewelry.

Be prepared to change into a patient gown if necessary.

For Bone Mineral Density (BMD) exams you will be asked to complete a BMD questionnaire at the time of your appointment.